Video Games That Are Very Costly Made


Seeing as how we shell out nearly $60 a pop for virtually any new console game, it’s expected that development costs could be quite high. So high, in fact, that they rival even the most expensive Hollywood blockbusters. For this gaming info, we’re looking at titles that were actually finished – sorry untitled Halo MMO, you could have been a contender. Numbers have been adjusted to account for current inflation.


Final Fantasy VII

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It just isn’t a gaming list if some entry of the Final Fantasy series does makes its way on. Total estimated costs of bringing Cloud Strife and the gang to life on the PlayStation One ranged around $66 million, quite a sum of money, especially for the time; but the costs didn’t stop there. Building the game is one thing, but making sure it’s known by the public is an additional aspect that cost Square Enix $147 million more, bringing the total cost of Final Fantasy VII to $214 million. To put into perspective how much that price-tag really is, it’s nearly 3 times the cost of what it took to develop Final Fantasy XIII.


Red Dead Redemption

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When Rockstar announced that it would be returning to the Red Dead drawing board after the 2004 title garnered positive response, interests were piqued. To bring the new project to life, Rockstar borrowed elements from its Grand Theft Auto series to spruce up the western-styled gameplay and brought to the table a hefty cost upwards of $109 million. Though Revolver was a success, it seemed Rockstar was willing to risk more for a better return on the spiritual successor. Sometimes risks do pay off, and in this case, the development company walked away with an award winning title widely considered one of the best games of its generation.
APB: All Points Bulletin

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APB may not be a widely known title, it may not even be a widely enjoyed game, but that doesn’t diminish the amount of money and effort that time Worlds put into bringing it to life. A messy development and a change of hands tarnished APB’s history, but it’s the overall cost that winds up standing out the most. For a game that wasn’t really remarkable in any way, $109 million sounds like a lot of money to fork out to develop it. In September of 2010, Realtime shut down APB’s servers and, in November, sold it to K2 Network, where Reloaded Productions ended the game’s 5-month hiatus and reintroduced it as APB: All Points Bulletin.


Simple MOBAs But Very Entertaining

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So the next game on the list is Transformice which is must be a platforming MMO. You play as little mice struggles and cheese.Now sounds pretty simple so how can a platformer be an MMO in if there ever is a guide on how to do it’s definitely this game. Not only there’s really like a plethora of different kinda mini-games a different zones are different levels but there’s also the ability to create your own levels. Sometimes you just a little early mouse just running at the cheese with everyone else is kinda just like a cluster yeah I love I just mayhem may guys. Other sometimes you are the shaman your the guiding presence here.




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You can actually spawn items to help everyone else I actually achieve the goal get the cheese. You want this cheese because well kinda the point in the game but it also gives you points. You could purchase things. All in all I think in such a position is really great in this game is just a lotof fun too especially you get your friends in their last to be had for sure.


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Draw Something has been something that’s been really close to me ever since I’ve been playing on OMG POP. OMGPOP is an amazing sites the hosted a lot of really awesome multiplayer browser games and it’s such a tragedy that the site is gone now but Draw Something came out of its previously known as draw my thing. Draw Something is a incredible game you ca play it on mobile and of course to play on the browser essentially think charades except you’re just drawing things. It can get pretty wacky, get pretty silly but it’s definitely one of those games that its so fun you can play with the family, play with a little cousins, little sisters, little brothers, girlfriends rivals enemies.



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Literally to play with anybody. it really doesn’t take any sort a time commitment whatsoever it is easy to jump in go as well we’ll a browser games right just so you play with everybody because it is rated E for Everyone. This is just fun for everyone who want to play with and this game also a kind of favors going out and playing with people you know as well as. Playing with complete strangers on the same group lot different viewpoints people seeing the world differently lot different drawing styles and a different levels on the drawing. Its skill everyone should write draw something at least once.


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Video Games You Never Thought That Are Very Easy To Play

As a game mostly played by procrastinating students and frustrated kids FIFA a series that’s gameplay challenges are mostly dictated by the player holding the opposing controller as you pick your abilities against each other. So long as the basics of the game’s development are fair and realistic enough. The game offers its players a level playing field on which to do continues battle for FIFA 13 however a move to try to make the game appear more fluid like watching Barcelona tear apart some poor British opposition in another inevitable European triumph. EA oversimplified the control system to the level where quick taps have pass and shoot buttons could yield an unstoppable move where the balls weaves its way along the pitch before an opponent can even react. Fortunately this exploitable technique was rendered impossible with subsequent versions of the game but its memory lives on in reminds us why FFA 13 was one of this century’s easiest games.







Part of the charm of any game in the Grand Theft Auto series is the element of accepted silliness the players will find. For the most part this frivolity favors the player but without truly detracting from the challenger overall experience at the games. When Grand Theft Auto four came around this became on true for the first time in the series history from Liberty City’s police force being so incompetent that the make the simpsons cheap wig look profession to the cover system that many players all but invincible in some of the games more vital shoot-outs. The game just never really offered up any sort of challenge to its players and the story was long enough that the total experience wasn’t too hampered by this but players who’ve now made their way through the impressive GTA 5 would find nothing inspirational or exciting in the challenge offered by its predecessor.

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Telltales track record of making in grossing an emotive episodic titles has been nothing short of remarkable in recent years so the currently running Game of Thrones spin-off was never really gonna be in danger of falling flat. Despite proving to be just as captivating as the company’s work with their Walking Dead series however, this title also falls into the one basic pitfall that plague Telltales earlier work. Each section oven episode is negotiated through quick reflexes in quick time events and through careful consideration of dialogue in action choices but its follow each time by a trophy or achievement being awarded to the player. Advancement through this game is unavoidable and it’s flippin approach to dishing out awards every few just makes the whole experience feelfor two simple. Trophies can be amassed with ease again it seems that no decision made in the game can never be too wrong to stop players for covering the right path.











Despite the Lego name in the attractive colorful style do these games you’d be wrong to think that they’re just designed for kids. Was plenty of parity beast humor in numerous hidden Easter eggs designed to entice a thorough and determined approach. These games do just as well as attracting serious players as they do younger gamers that doesn’t mean that they are remarkably easy of course and in truth anyone at the large Lego series games could have sat at the head of this list. A few tricky puzzles and the occasional frustrating boss battle cannot add to the difficulty of the game in which players virtually cannot die, it’s for two simple having multiple characters playing through each level at once gives players the options to keep on switching in each time a character’s defeated will simply click back to life moments later. The fun quirky nature these games cannot be denied but neither can there unprecedented ease and for that reason they have to top our list of the easiest games at the 21st century so far.





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5 Creepiest Easter Eggs Video Games

  1. Psychonauts – Milla’s subconscious


Among the fun and silliness that is Psychonauts, there lies a dark hidden secret. Throughout the game, players use their psychic powers to explore the minds of their fellow summer campers, and in the level “Milla’s Dance Party”, gamers explore the mind of fun-loving character Milla. However, there is a secret room to her subconscious. The game reveals that Milla used to work in an orphanage that burned down, leaving no survivors. Milla warns players before entering her subconscious that this is not where the party is – and she’s right. The room is full of burning children screaming for help.

  1. Batman: Arkham City of Terror – Scarecrow’s experiment


The Batman games are not for the faint hearted, and Arkham City of Terror contains a creepy Easter egg that you might not want to find. Players can explore Gotham’s docks in the industrial district and jump down onto the ship immediately below the cranes. Once there, they are prompted to enter the password ‘city of terror’ to go below deck. Among the mess on the abandoned ship is an invoice for Dr. Crane, better known as Scarecrow. This former doctor-turned-resident at Arkham Asylum experiments in bringing people’s fears to life. So players might want to think twice about inspecting the slumped body at the end of the hallway.

  1. Hitman: Contracts – Ghost in the mirror


In the game Hitman, gamers play a contract killer. As they navigate through the traditions of trade mission and let themselves into the bathroom, they are confronted with a brutal murder scene and a bathtub full of blood. When the player’s character looks in the mirror, they can catch a glimpse of frightening sight: a spooky three piece suited ghost staring over their shoulder.

  1. Fable 2 – Texas Chainsaw Massacre


The Fable series is a collection of open world fantasy action games that allow gamers to freely explore the game world. However, there are some places they might regret exploring. In the game, players come across an idyllic looking winter’s cabin, but once they enter, it turns into a scene from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The abandoned cabin is littered with skeletons and torture tools. It serves no purpose in the game, other than to provide players with a truly awful fright.

  1. Luigi’s Mansion – Hanging Luigi


A creepy Easter egg always seems to be way creepier when Nintendo are involved. And that’s certainly the case with this chilling sight in the game Luigi’s Mansion. During the blackout, if players answer the middle phone in the telephone room on the third floor and wait for lightning to strike, they will witness the terrifying shadow of Luigi hanging by his neck from the ceiling. There is some debate about whether the shadow is an intentional Easter egg or a glitch in the game. But considering that the game is set in a haunted mansion, most gamers agree that the shadow was planted to give players a scare.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Technological Advances

In today’s generation, everything seems to be more accessible and convenient at the same time due to technological advances that come across the globe as well as almost every individual in the world take advantage of technology. However, no matter how convenient it could make things, we must all be reminded that there are also some disadvantages the technology could bring human. Below are some of the advanced technology’s advantages and disadvantages.


Among the advantages of advanced technology is that, it can show people how to do things more efficient. For instance, the students today are more likely to utilize computers rather than doing their research on the library and in addition to education; students are also able to learn on worldwide scale even without leaving their classroom. Another thing is that, when it comes to agricultural method, the traditional way of  processing which usually requires huge number of workers can now be minimized by the used of automation which certainly means, it is more efficient than a manual process because it can do the job of 10 t0 20 people with only one machine. Well, cost efficient can also be disadvantage to many workers. Moreover, medical discoveries also occur at a lot more fastest rate with the use of computers and machines that definitely help their research processes.


Now, here come its disadvantages. The more the technology has become more advanced, the more people are being extremely dependent on computers and some other forms of technology for everyday use. So it thus means that, if in case a computer crashes or a machine breaks, a person cannot move on and become nearly disabled until the item is fixed. This sort of technological dependency significantly puts human at a certain disadvantage since they become unproductive and less self reliant at the same time.

Optimizing Mobile Image Processing

Nowadays, more and more people around the world are taking advantage of modern technologies. With the advent of modern technologies, almost all the people globally are making use of it since it can definitely help save our day and most of all  it makes our lives even more comfortable and easier.


Apart from some other gadgets, the smartphones has become the people’s favorite computers and even their primary cameras currently. In fact the demand for smartphone’s mobile version for the application of image processing is apparently increasing. On the contrary, the image processing may also cause the cell phone battery to be drained rapidly. So far, there are some mobile applications currently which try to solve such problem by simply sending file image to the main server that will process the images and then sends them back after. However, when it comes to large images, it may cause delays and at the same time increases the data usage.


Recently, the Adobe System and Stanford University presented an experiment that can potentially reduce the bandwidth which consumed by the image processing in as much as 99% as well as the cell phone’s power consumption in as much as 85%. On this, the system sends an image file with an extremely compressed version to the server and it sends back with a lesser file, which provides certain instructions so that the original image will be modified.


To be able to consume less bandwidth during file uploading, the system will just send it as JPEG (a very low quality file) and is the most common format when it comes to digital images. The JPEG which was transmitted has even lesser resolution compared to the source image which could possibly cause trouble to the phone memory. Well, the server obviously could surely process the file images in as much as clever as it can.