Advantages and Disadvantages of Technological Advances

In today’s generation, everything seems to be more accessible and convenient at the same time due to technological advances that come across the globe as well as almost every individual in the world take advantage of technology. However, no matter how convenient it could make things, we must all be reminded that there are also some disadvantages the technology could bring human. Below are some of the advanced technology’s advantages and disadvantages.


Among the advantages of advanced technology is that, it can show people how to do things more efficient. For instance, the students today are more likely to utilize computers rather than doing their research on the library and in addition to education; students are also able to learn on worldwide scale even without leaving their classroom. Another thing is that, when it comes to agricultural method, the traditional way of  processing which usually requires huge number of workers can now be minimized by the used of automation which certainly means, it is more efficient than a manual process because it can do the job of 10 t0 20 people with only one machine. Well, cost efficient can also be disadvantage to many workers. Moreover, medical discoveries also occur at a lot more fastest rate with the use of computers and machines that definitely help their research processes.


Now, here come its disadvantages. The more the technology has become more advanced, the more people are being extremely dependent on computers and some other forms of technology for everyday use. So it thus means that, if in case a computer crashes or a machine breaks, a person cannot move on and become nearly disabled until the item is fixed. This sort of technological dependency significantly puts human at a certain disadvantage since they become unproductive and less self reliant at the same time.

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