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5 Creepiest Easter Eggs Video Games

  1. Psychonauts – Milla’s subconscious


Among the fun and silliness that is Psychonauts, there lies a dark hidden secret. Throughout the game, players use their psychic powers to explore the minds of their fellow summer campers, and in the level “Milla’s Dance Party”, gamers explore the mind of fun-loving character Milla. However, there is a secret room to her subconscious. The game reveals that Milla used to work in an orphanage that burned down, leaving no survivors. Milla warns players before entering her subconscious that this is not where the party is – and she’s right. The room is full of burning children screaming for help.

  1. Batman: Arkham City of Terror – Scarecrow’s experiment


The Batman games are not for the faint hearted, and Arkham City of Terror contains a creepy Easter egg that you might not want to find. Players can explore Gotham’s docks in the industrial district and jump down onto the ship immediately below the cranes. Once there, they are prompted to enter the password ‘city of terror’ to go below deck. Among the mess on the abandoned ship is an invoice for Dr. Crane, better known as Scarecrow. This former doctor-turned-resident at Arkham Asylum experiments in bringing people’s fears to life. So players might want to think twice about inspecting the slumped body at the end of the hallway.

  1. Hitman: Contracts – Ghost in the mirror


In the game Hitman, gamers play a contract killer. As they navigate through the traditions of trade mission and let themselves into the bathroom, they are confronted with a brutal murder scene and a bathtub full of blood. When the player’s character looks in the mirror, they can catch a glimpse of frightening sight: a spooky three piece suited ghost staring over their shoulder.

  1. Fable 2 – Texas Chainsaw Massacre


The Fable series is a collection of open world fantasy action games that allow gamers to freely explore the game world. However, there are some places they might regret exploring. In the game, players come across an idyllic looking winter’s cabin, but once they enter, it turns into a scene from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The abandoned cabin is littered with skeletons and torture tools. It serves no purpose in the game, other than to provide players with a truly awful fright.

  1. Luigi’s Mansion – Hanging Luigi


A creepy Easter egg always seems to be way creepier when Nintendo are involved. And that’s certainly the case with this chilling sight in the game Luigi’s Mansion. During the blackout, if players answer the middle phone in the telephone room on the third floor and wait for lightning to strike, they will witness the terrifying shadow of Luigi hanging by his neck from the ceiling. There is some debate about whether the shadow is an intentional Easter egg or a glitch in the game. But considering that the game is set in a haunted mansion, most gamers agree that the shadow was planted to give players a scare.