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Optimizing Mobile Image Processing

Nowadays, more and more people around the world are taking advantage of modern technologies. With the advent of modern technologies, almost all the people globally are making use of it since it can definitely help save our day and most of all  it makes our lives even more comfortable and easier.


Apart from some other gadgets, the smartphones has become the people’s favorite computers and even their primary cameras currently. In fact the demand for smartphone’s mobile version for the application of image processing is apparently increasing. On the contrary, the image processing may also cause the cell phone battery to be drained rapidly. So far, there are some mobile applications currently which try to solve such problem by simply sending file image to the main server that will process the images and then sends them back after. However, when it comes to large images, it may cause delays and at the same time increases the data usage.


Recently, the Adobe System and Stanford University presented an experiment that can potentially reduce the bandwidth which consumed by the image processing in as much as 99% as well as the cell phone’s power consumption in as much as 85%. On this, the system sends an image file with an extremely compressed version to the server and it sends back with a lesser file, which provides certain instructions so that the original image will be modified.


To be able to consume less bandwidth during file uploading, the system will just send it as JPEG (a very low quality file) and is the most common format when it comes to digital images. The JPEG which was transmitted has even lesser resolution compared to the source image which could possibly cause trouble to the phone memory. Well, the server obviously could surely process the file images in as much as clever as it can.