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Important Information When Playing Pokemon Duel

Let’s play pokemon duel I want to start by answering some questions that you guys have asked on previous Pokemon Duel. I’m just kind of explain some of the mechanics that might be a little confusing. So let’s start with this “Do you there’s a way to discard figure? You can’t just straight-up discarding but there is something better if you go into the shop and you had exchanged coins down in the bottom right corner you can trade your figures in four coins. So you just tap it you’ll see there it’s worth 417 corn exchange chessman gone and now I have more coins.
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Since we’re here all that up by explaining what the different colored cubes are for the gold ones are meant to be exchanged for coin. So their only purpose is to get you more coins. There are four different levels just like pokemon figures EX rare, uncommon and common and each one has a different value. EX obviously the most 35,000 coins, 15,000 for rare, 3504 uncommon, 1800 for  common. So we just exchanged those and get a tones of coins that’s what those are for. There are other two types of cubes are used in fusion. For fusion you want to start with a Pokemon. I’m gonna start with Meowth because that’s what I’m trying to level up right now. The blue cubes are used for experience again there are all for rarities EX, rare, uncommon, common each one is worth a different amount of experience with EX obviously being the most.



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Right now this is the only one I have but i’m just going to use it use it and the Meowth gain a thousand experience towards its next level. The green cubes are used to increase the chain level of your Pokemon moves. These again have different rarities and you have to use the correct rarity. So if you’re using an uncommon figure like Shuppet you have to use uncommon cubes like the green cubes. I don’t have very many and honestly it’s probably not even a good idea to level up my Shuppet but why not it’ll help mirror matches. So for uncommon figures like Shuppet it it requires 9 cubes to level up their move by one and when you do that you can increase the move damaged by one so in this case it would be my Shuppet Night Shade would get powered up to 11 damage instead of 10 which is a huge deal but if you come into a Shuppet mirror match.


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You do have a slight advantage there because you have 11 all that other Shuppet at will most likely have 10. One  damage doesn’t seem like a lot but it can actually make a huge difference because one damage is all you need to win a battle. If your opponent rolled a 60 power move and you roll a 61 power move you’re gonna win that battle.

Another question something the game doesn’t really explain what the green exp or whatever bar for. Up at the top here the green bar is like a stamina energy bar and its use for quest if you didn’t know there are quests available and it’s essentially like a one player campaign you can earn figures, coins, gems, from it not a whole lot but it is a way to get a few coins, a few gems and possibly some figures. Most of the ones I think actually all the figures I’ve gotten from this so far have been just junk commons that I’ve traded and use for fusion but I’m sure you continue as you progress more figures will probably get better. The rewards will probably get better. Right now I’m on what is this the third tower but each each battle that you do costs a certain amount of energy. You can see this one here Goopy Goomy cost 7 as we get harder the cost increases more but I don’t find this campaign this one player mode so compelling, so enthralling that I need to do it so much and I’ve never run out of stamina or energy or whatever it’s.

Do plates have a limited number of uses. In battle you can only use each plate in your deck one time but after that battle you still have the plates. So it’s not like when you use it once it goes away completely. It just has a one-time use per battle.   For your advantage playing Pokemon Duel get here gems  for Pokemon Duel.