Vikings History and Vikings Movie Series

lets get this straight Vikings was Michael Hirst masterpiece he was the writer and the creator. The Viking Age are more on battles during the 9th Century from the English King Alfred the Great. King Alfred was the one who stopped the Vikings that role over in England. During the 10th century of English raided and reconquered the land that takes over by the Viking and they end up successful. Within the 954 one the last Viking king of Jorvik was drove out. Eric Blood Axe was slain during the great battle and his men were agreed to follow the ruler King in England.

Most of the Vikings they are very big people with skills and it runs in their bloodline to cry out for war. Vikings start from a band of small bandits but they grow by numbers and one of the English ruler call them the Vikings. Vikings spoke an old language the Norse. When it comes to Vikings it means war to kill, a pirate in the land, raider that retrieve something precious and the people over the North are the one to participate the raiding.

Vikings is focus on raiding, this action is the way of their living and mostly of the Vikings are soldiers or ex-soldiers and prisoners of war. Vikings were professional soldiers most likely all men in England, they are build for war and train themselves in the art of sword. Some are farmers in the first place and end up being a warrior in their land. Vikings are very intelligent people who do business and the only thing that want to expand by through raiding. The primary reason that they always going for the raiding for other uncharted land is for settle purposes.
Young Vikings really love to discover and they the one that most likely go for raiding. The mature Vikings is always at their homes or guard their line of territory for the reason that they don’t go that far due to family and responsibility to provide and protect.

The victims of the specific raid of lands was only the aspect of the culture of the Vikings it means it is just a myth but in the movie series they somehow show it what is raiding like. The age of Viking remain from the place in Scandinavian countries and they settle in the land where they can live peacefully in the land of Iceland and Greenland but in the movie it always show the twist making the movie more fascinating and interesting to watch. Vikings in real life they are not violence people they just want a place or locate a place where they can settle in peace. In the movie anything that can be twist and can be done.

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